When a Pregnancy Test is Negative

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When a Pregnancy Test is Negative

February 27, 2020
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You set the timer on your phone and wait.

You just took a pregnancy test and you’re not sure how you're feeling about this situation.

The test comes back, and it’s NEGATIVE.

Are you feeling,

a) relief or b) disappointed ?

If you are feeling relief, stop and ask yourself these questions:

1.  How did I get in this situation?

2. Am I in a committed relationship?

3. Do I need to change anything in my life because of this situation?

For those of you disappointed, now you know how you feel about pregnancy.  It may be time to start making plans. Whether a pregnancy is planned, or unplanned, it’s usually overwhelming with a tornado of emotions.


A negative pregnancy test means one of two things:

1. You’re not pregnant.

2. It’s too early to detect pregnancy or in rare cases, you are pregnant but the test doesn’t show it.

Find out here if you have the early signs of pregnancy. If you’re still having pregnancy symptoms with a negative test or a missed period, you should probably see a doctor.


Whether you are relieved or disappointed, we are here to talk to you about anything you may be feeling. Do you want to confirm a negative test? Make an appointment HERE 

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