Why are Mary's House services free?

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Why are Mary's House services free?

May 21, 2020
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At Mary’s House, we understand that facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming and you need a safe and confidential place to confirm your pregnancy without worrying how much it will cost. Mary’s House supports women and knows that every woman should have access to quality care, regardless of her ability to pay.

It is important to receive accurate medical information, talk with a medical professional and have access to services like a free ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and have your questions answered by a trustworthy counselor.

Mary’s House is funded by donors who care about women and access to quality healthcare.

If you think you might be pregnant and would like to get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, talk about your options and get access to a doctor, please call us at                  (318) 220-8009 or Make an appointment online.

Make Mary’s House your FIRST STEP and we’ll get you to the second step!

You have time. You have support. You are not alone.

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