Ultrasound Part 2

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Ultrasound Part 2

April 4, 2019
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Depending on how far along you are, this is what your baby might look like on ultrasound:

21 days gestation-( Your last cycle was about 5 weeks ago)  A cute little white shape about 1/8 of an inch long. It looks like a grain of rice.  You can actually see the beating of your baby’s heart!  Your baby is already a boy or a girl.  Make sure you’re taking your prenatal vitamin. Your baby’s brain and spinal cord are forming and they need the folic acid in that vitamin.

At 6 weeks- Your baby’s body is growing and looks something like a little bigger grain of rice. A lot of important stuff is going on right now. This baby is busy!

At 8 weeks- Your baby is now about ½ inch long and we can often see the arm and leg buds. If you’re wondering where babies got the name “peanut”, it’s probably from this ultrasound. That’s kind of what they look like!

At 10 weeks- They are so cute! We can see baby dancing, moving their arms and legs. They kind of look like a kidney bean!

At 12 weeks- Your baby has been so busy growing and now really looks like a small baby! What a difference from the 8 week picture. They are about 2 inches long and on ultrasound we can see them waving. Even though you can’t feel them kicking yet, they are busy and definitely doing some kicking!

After 12 weeks- These babies can put on a great show! We can see fingers and toes. They wave, suck their thumb, hiccup, and kick.

Around 15 or 16 weeks- The male and female parts are finally visible and your doctor’s office can tell you if you’re having a boy or girl. 

Around 20 weeks- Your doctor will order a diagnostic ultrasound, also known as the Anatomy Scan.  It is a VERY important ultrasound to check your baby's development.  Your baby's brain, heart, spine, fingers, toes and many other things will be evaluated.  The placenta, cervix and amniotic fluid will also be evaluated during this ultrasound.  Plan for this ultrasound to take up to 30 minutes. The sonographer will do the scan and the doctor will visit with you to go over the results.

Whether your baby looks like a grain of rice, a peanut, or a kidney bean right now, they are a beautiful example of life in its earliest form! 

I've heard a sonographer say, “ I have seen and heard thousands of heart beats over the years but I am always in awe of this beautiful sound and feel the same excitement as if I'm hearing and seeing it for the first time.  I love to experience the joy of this moment with every family! "

At Mary's House we love to share in the joy of this special moment too!

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Trisha  Trisha has been a Registered Nurse for twenty-five years. She connects with pregnant women in a personal, cheerful and caring way. At Mary’s House, she is the Clinic Director who can answer questions as a nurse and encourage you as a good friend would.                                        

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