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March 14, 2023
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You took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE, when should you have an ultrasound?

Your first Ultrasound may take place around 7-8 weeks.

Mary’s House offers no- cost limited ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

Why have an ultrasound?

An ultrasound will confirm your pregnancy, verify baby's heartbeat, tell you the baby's gestational age and give you your estimated due date.


What happens at an ultrasound appointment?

1. You will lay on the exam table and gel will be applied to your belly.

2. The abdominal ultrasound is a painless and safe way to see images of your baby.  Keep in mind that an ultrasound is not like taking a picture of your baby with your camera!   You’ll see a lot of black and white colors and different shapes.

3. The sonographer will move a handheld transducer over your belly and the images will then show up on the screen.

4. You will get to see your baby on the screen, see the heartbeat and you will be given pictures of your baby to take home with you. 

What are some things the sonographer might see?

The Gestational sac- The first sign of pregnancy, the gestational sac will look something like a round black circle. 

The Yolk sac- This looks like a small white circle, like a cheerio! In the beginning of your pregnancy, the Yolk Sac provides the nutrition to your baby. You will have a yolk sac until about 12 weeks.

The Placenta- Once you are around 12- 13 weeks, the placenta is visible on ultrasound. It’s the placenta’s job to provide your baby with nutrition when the yolk sac is no longer present.

The Umbilical Cord- Carries blood and nutrients from the placenta to your baby.


How many ultrasounds do women have during a pregnancy?

Most women receive two ultrasounds from their doctor- One in the beginning to confirm the pregnancy and another around half-way through the pregnancy.

If you think your baby looks cute on ultrasound… Just wait til you see him or her in person!

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