Things YOU need after you have a baby

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Things YOU need after you have a baby

May 7, 2020
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Congratulations on having your baby! Motherhood is amazing and you will be a great mom. 

To get you started with the first week at home, 

Make sure you have these things :

  • Maxi pads (the thick, huge ones!)  

You will still have vaginal bleeding after you go home. It’s heavy at first, then starts to slow down

  • Stool softener

You will probably be constipated. The first time you go to the bathroom can be so painful!

  • Any foods that help constipation!

Prunes are good, and drink lots of water.

  • A squirt bottle

You may have some stiches and discomfort in your vaginal area. Mix a little mild soap with warm water in a squirt bottle and use this to clean your vaginal area. A sitz bath will help also.

  • Nursing pads to put inside your bra

You will leak even if you’re not breastfeeding.


And one more thing, snacks; Make sure you have snacks!

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Take care! 

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