Sharing God's Love and Light

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Sharing God's Love and Light

November 14, 2019
Sunlight Thru Trees

Sharing God's Love and Light

Sunlight Thru Trees

"I'm truly blessed," she said.

Sometimes we're rewarded at Mary's House by hearing from one of our patients.  This week a young mom wrote us...

"Thank you for helping me bring my daughter into the world safely.  Because of Mary's House I was able to get a doctor's appointment...

Thank you for the...classes.  It helped prepare me for her arrival.

Mary's House also gave me info about Embrace Grace, and I've been blessed since.  The Embrace Grace group helped me prepare myself for this journey mentally & spiritually...My baby has everything she needs and more because of you ladies.

I'm truly blessed and grateful for you all.  When I'm able I'll be bringing her to Mary's House to see you!"

Reading that message made me happy and helped me be even more grateful for what God gives me everyday. 

Having someone say or share a good feeling with you can make all the difference in how things are going.  I hope you see lots of things to be grateful for in your life this week, then share them with someone else!

Thank you for your encouragement and support of Mary's House!  

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