How to avoid Holiday STRESS

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How to avoid Holiday STRESS

December 1, 2023
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Most of our holiday stress comes from Our Expectations versus The Reality

Throw in those pregnancy hormones, and look out!

       Our Expectations:                                                       

  • We receive lots of presents                                                              
  • We get to eats lots of really good food                                                                       
  • Every body is jolly and happy                                         

      The Reality: 

  •  We get one present or something that wasn't quite what we wanted
  •  We get to eat lots of bad cooking  :(
  •  People are stressed and grumpy

Follow these 4 rules to a stress free holiday!

  1. Put a check on your expectations and focus on the good things and people you have.
  2. Appreciate the present you did receive.
  3. Appreciate the food, no matter how bad it tasted.
  4. Be the one to smile and spend time with that person who is jolly and happy.

The holidays are about Hope, Peace, Love and Joy! Celebrate the life inside of you and the lives around you and you will find the JOY!

J- Just get through one day at a time

O- overlook any negatives and focus on the positives

Y- You’ve got this!

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