Holidays and Pregnancy

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Holidays and Pregnancy

November 19, 2021
Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant Moms

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a time of great excitement!

Holidays can also be stressful!

Here’s a list of 5 Dos and Don’t for the holiday season:


1. Take a picture of your pregnant belly

2. Find time for naps

3. Go to lunch with someone who makes you happy

4. Take a picture with Santa

5. Enjoy the excitement and joy of the holiday season



1. Add extra salt to your food. It can increase your blood pressure

2. Go to parties where there is a lot of cigarette smoke

3. Spend too much money

4. Drive in holiday traffic- your hormones will not be kind!

5. Stress…. it’s all good!

                                            HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!! 


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