Food Cravings

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Food Cravings

December 13, 2019
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One of the first signs of pregnancy is a noticeable change in your appetite, food cravings and food aversions.

Changes in your appetite

You might have noticed that you are hungrier than usual and want to eat all the time.  People around you are amazed that you suddenly can’t enough to eat, and they’re going broke trying to keep you fed! Eating a lot can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy.  When you’re reaching for seconds, chose a healthier option like the sandwich instead of the chocolate bar.

If morning sickness is a part of your pregnancy, eating may be a challenge for you. You may have a decrease in your appetite. In that case, try to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day and when you do feel like eating, chose something nutritious and healthy. If you’re losing weight, vomiting and can’t keep anything down, be sure to let your doctor know.

No matter what, always take a daily prenatal vitamin!


Food cravings

Don’t be surprised if you’re sending your loved one to the grocery store at midnight when the craving hits for mint chocolate chip ice cream with pickles or some other combination that’s sure to raise eyebrows.  And that grocery store better be open, or else!  When that craving hits, you don’t care what time it is!

If you’re craving items that are not food, that is a condition called pica and you need to tell your doctor. Craving non-nutritional items like dirt and flour could be a sign of nutritional problems and needs to be checked out.


Food aversions

Does the pizza that you once loved now makes you sick whenever you smell it, see it or think about it? Food aversions are another common sign of pregnancy. Sometimes they only last for a part of your pregnancy.

So, are you the mom who:

A) Craves healthy stuff and has a food aversion to junk food?

B) Craves junk food and has a food aversion to the healthy stuff?

C) A little bit of both?

I hope you crave all the healthy foods....

                                                                and have a food aversion to everything deep-fried!

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