Do you know how much babies poop?!

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Do you know how much babies poop?!

October 15, 2019
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A lot!

Before you bring that sweet pooping machine home from the hospital,

stock up on these 5 things.

#1.  Diapers, and lots of them!

You will use 8-10 diapers a day.   If you don’t have that many wet and poopy diapers, let your doctor know. Your baby may not be getting enough to eat.

Unless you know you are giving birth to a future linebacker that needs Size 1 immediately, or your preemie baby needs smaller diapers, going with Size Newborn is a safe bet. If people want to buy you diapers, size 1 will come in handy in about a month. Here’s a guide for diaper sizes:

Size Newborn:  Babies weighing up to 10 lbs

Size 1    8-14 lbs

Size 2    12- 18 lbs

Size 3    16-28 lbs

Size 4    22-37 lbs


#2.  Wipes.  Use can use a washcloth if you prefer or like to do lots of laundry!

#3.  Diaper rash ointment.

#4.  Baby shampoo  ( did you know that newborn babies only need a bath every few days? )

#5. Baby lotion. It sure makes them smell good!


I would also suggest a diaper pail for dirty diapers…

                                         Those sweet babies sure can be stinky!


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